JW Gift Guides

Useful Gift Ideas – Elders & Circuit Overseers

Gifts in Men

Thoughtful gift ideas to let our dear brothers know that we appreciate all of the hard work they do for us both visibly and behind the scenes - we really love them for all that they do :)

Thoughtful Gift Ideas – Pioneer School Students

Fully Accomplish Your Ministry

Exciting!! Your friend or family member has been invited to attend Pioneer School this year - hooray! This list of useful items that will help them during their classes - whether you're looking for yourself, your spouse, or friends.

Practical Gift Ideas – Pioneers

Preach the Word

What do you get for someone who spends long days going door to door, engaging in public cart witnessing, or special metropolitan witnessing? I've got you covered with this list of useful items that will make their volunteering even easier - whether you're looking for a friend, spouse, brother or sister!