Useful Gift Ideas – Elders & Circuit Overseers

Useful Gift Ideas – Elders & Circuit Overseers

Thoughtful & Practical Gifts for Elders, Ministerial Servants, Circuit Overseers, and their wives.

This list of practical items will make for thoughtful gifts to let our dear brothers know that we appreciate all of the hard work they do for us both visibly and behind the scenes - and don't forget about their loving wifes who also make sacrifices for their husbands to do this hard work! We love them for all that they do :)


1. High Quality Pens & Pencils

Whether it's jotting down important information from a return visit or writing a quick note to a not at home, a reliable pen or pencil is a must-have for any volunteer. Help your friends stay prepared with my best selling writing tools here 


2. Journals for taking notes

Notebooks can be used for a variety of things! Meetings, assemblies, conventions, the ministry, personal study and more.



3. Contact Card Holders

These handmade accessories can be used for contact cards, or even just as a small wallet for cash and bank cards. Shop the selection here 


With these thoughtful and practical gift ideas, you'll surely bring a smile to the faces of our hard working faithful brothers. They'll appreciate your love and support as they continue their shepherding for years to come.

xo -Mandi

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