Thoughtful Gift Ideas – Pioneer School Students

Thoughtful Gift Ideas – Pioneer School Students

Thoughtful & Practical Gifts for Pioneer School

Exciting!! Your friend or family member has been invited to attend Pioneer School this year - hooray! This list of useful items that will help them during their classes - whether you're looking for a friend, spouse, brother or sister!

1. Take Note with a special Journal

Whether your friend likes to use a digital or physical school textbook, a notebook will always come in handy for extra thoughts and questions that come up throughout each day's class. Shop the latest notebook designs here


2. High Quality Pens & Pencils for Taking Notes

Whether it's jotting down important information after a return visit or writing a quick note to a not-at-home, a reliable pen or pencil is a must-have for any volunteer. Help your friends stay prepared with these best selling writing tools 


3. Thermos for Caffeine Boosts

Whether you're #TeamCoffee or #TeamTea, caffeine is a necessity of attending Pioneer School! You can fill it up in the morning before you go to class, and re-fill it as needed throughout the day on your breaks! This is the one I got for my hubby

4. Tissues, Tissues and more Tissues

...especially for the last day of class! 


5. Tote Bag to Hold Everything

Finally, a machine washable tote bag to hold all these amazing gifts! Your friends can use it to carry their new items and have everything they need at their fingertips.



6. A Greeting Card to congratulate them on graduating!

Choose from a variety of options here  (New designs coming soon!)


With these thoughtful and practical gift ideas, you'll surely bring a smile to your friends' faces. They'll appreciate your support and love as they continue their pioneering for years to come. Happy gifting!

xo -Mandi

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