5 Year Anniversary Stationery Collection

5 Year Anniversary Stationery Collection

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    5 years ago, I created my first JW themed products: "Spiritual Gems" Notebooks and "CLM" Meeting Notebooks. From there I focused on creating stationery and gifts to coordinate with each of our annual Conventions... which thanks to all of you has brought me to where I am now!

    I absolutely love designing these products for you all, and I am so glad you have found them useful for our activities in the ministry and at our meetings!

    My little business has changed so much over these past 5 years, so I wanted to make the products for this upcoming service year exciting, especially considering the current state of things. This stationery collection is very meaningful to me, so I wanted to give it a classy & luxurious touch - I hope you love using these items to stay organized for our activities.

    xo -mandi