2023 Convention of Jehovah's Witnesses

“Exercise Patience”!


How exciting is it that we are finally able to get back together for in-person conventions after a very long 3 years! It's a special time for us all, so I want to make sure that you have some extra-special things to gift to friends (or yourself!) and create lots of new, happy memories with.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    No, they do not. Reproducing the convention program in any form, including pre-printing it in commercial products goes against the WTBTS Terms of Use.

    However, you can select from 2 inside page styles based on your prererence: either a standard lined version, or a fillable template version which contain all the sections you need (for speaker, day, talk category etc) - simply fill it in before the program!

    No, sorry! I offer physical notebooks only. The reason that I started my Stationery business is because I love stationery and paper - a lot of time and effort goes into creating the designs and researching high quality materials for the finished product. Offering physical books only also helps protect my designs from being illegally copied & distributed digitally without my permission.

    I am planning to have all of the items from this collection in my hands ready to begin shipping out to you beginning late April/early May 2023.

    *Please make sure to review the
    Pre-Order Policy prior to ordering.

    Yes you can, but please be aware that all items within each order will ship together. If you need an in-stock item before the estimated ship date of pre-sale items, please place a separate order for the in-stock items. Review the full Pre-Order Policy here.

    Pre-sales help with upfront cost of goods and production - this is very important for a small business :) I also offer some awesome incentives that are only available during the pre-sale period.

    If you are interested in purchasing 50 or more of an individual item, send me a message here to discuss bulk order pricing.

    If you are located in Europe, specifically in the UK, or any other country that does not show shipping options at checkout, please send me a message with the items you'd like and your shipping address to receive a shipping quote and custom listing :)

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    March 25-31

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