Hand-Painted Maiolica Jewelry: A Story of Sicilian Heritage

Hand-Painted Maiolica Jewelry: A Story of Sicilian Heritage

I was highly inspired by my recent trip to Sicily where I came across some women-owned business there - specifically in the gorgeous town of Cefalù - that made the most beautiful handcrafted jewelry inspired by Sicilian maiolica tiles. I wanted to bring it back home and put my own twist on it.

First, I form each tile out of white polymer clay with small glitter specs (that's my own twist on the classic tile) and then I hand paint each one with various colours & patterns - some modern, and some traditional.

Then once baked and dried, I attach each tile to the earring or necklace base. I selected Italian-made 14k/18k gold plated 925 sterling silver for the necklace chains for a thoughtful and high quality style.

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 Cefalu, Sicily - © Amanda Benincasa-Intera 2023


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