"Powerful by Faith" 2021 Convention Collection

Frequently Asked Questions:

• Do these notebooks have the program talk titles filled in already?

Not completely. Having the entire program pre-filled goes against the WTBTS Terms of Use, since it would be an exact copy of the published program.

However, they DO have fillable templates which already have all the sections you need (speaker, day, talk category) ready to go with additional space for the titles to be written in beforehand. You can see a preview of this in the secondary product images :)

*Note: the new children's colouring notebook does not include a fillable template. Please refer to the product listing for the entire description and preview photos.

• Can I order a digital version of the notebooks instead?

I have decided to continue offering physical notebooks only instead of digital. The reason that I started my Stationery business is because I love physical stationery and paper - a lot of time and effort goes into my designs, layout, and researching paper and materials for the final look. All the little details count and I want my products to reflect that :)


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