What is involved in designing & releasing a stationery collection?

behind the scenes pricing small business stationery

I personally design everything in-house, and then source high quality materials for production so that the final product will show off my designs in the best light. Quality and durability is very important here at Benincasa Design!

 This is calculated based on product type, printing type, product size, page quantity, and the total quantity of each product.

Cost of TIME – Planning & Designing: This includes brainstorming multiple design concepts for each product, finalizing the artwork files for each product, researching local suppliers and materials, as well as gathering multiple quotes. Each collection usually takes 1-2 months of work from start to finish.

Cost of TIME – Order Processing: Once the items are in my hands ready to be shipped to you, it takes multiple days to process (usually around 15-20 hours based on the most recent convention pre-orders) to do quality control, sort the orders, package each one, and deliver it to various couriers depending on the package destination.

Let's just say... there's a lot that goes on in the background. 😅 That doesn't include costs of running a website, cost of shipping, cost of packing materials... the list goes on and on but I won't bore you!!

(This also is done outside of my 3 day/week day job and my service days)

Each collection's pricing is based on all of the costs above, with some incentives for those who pre-order in advance. The approximate prices shown on survey's prior to the pre-order period are very close to what the final regular prices will be, but of course I always have some special deals for pre-orders as usual!

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