1. Initial Consultation
During your complimentary initial consultation (via phone, or at the Benincasa Design studio located in Mississauga at Lakeshore Rd E/Cawthra Rd) we will brainstorm ideas for the design(s) you need. The purpose of this is to outline your theme, style, colours, fonts, etc. Feel free to bring or send visuals of anything that inspires you!

2. Estimate
Once all of the details are in place, you will be emailed a design estimate. It will note your proposed deadline, quantities and all design details involved in the job(s). It will also list any outstanding information that I need in order to start designing. (As the process goes on it is common to add additional projects - if so, these details will be added to your final invoice). If you wish to proceed, a 50% deposit is required before moving on to the next stage.

3. Design
The design process now begins. Mock ups will be emailed to you in an electronic proof (PDF format). We then will go back and forth via email or phone calls to narrow down your design(s). There will be a set number of concepts and revisions permitted; this will be noted on your estimate. Any further concepts or revisions will incur additional fees (see estimate for details). The more feedback received, the faster the process!

4. Refinement (proofs)
Once we have narrowed down the design(s), final refinements are made to ensure that all wording, colour, font, etc. are perfect. Following design approval, you will be responsible for overlooking ALL details of the design and providing your final sign off. If no printing is required for your job, your final invoice will be sent to you and your balance will be due prior to receipt of your final files. If printing is required, see stage #5.

5. Printing
If your job requires printing, this will begin once the design(s) are approved/signed off. At this stage, additional changes CANNOT be made. Any changes required after the job has been signed-off will be charged at an additional cost and, consequently, the deadline for delivery may be delayed (see Terms & Conditions for details).

6. Payment & Delivery/Pickup
The balance of your order will be due upon completion of your job (prior to pick-up/mailing, or before final files are sent to you). If your items are being shipped, shipping fees will be added on to your final invoice which will be due before shipment takes place. If you are picking up your items directly, payment will be due prior to receipt of the items.